metascamMetaScam is a podcast dedicated to sharing our personal experiences with Scams and Fraudsters seeking to take advantage of others both on and offline.

The information presented in the show and on this site is purely informational. While the information presented may appear biased or slanted, the consumer of the content on MetaScam.com is encouraged to draw their own conclusions based on the information given.

Great lengths are taken to ensure no identifying information is shared during our segments. Our audience is merely presented with information gleaned from our personal interactions with individual and business entities who present us with offers and options online.

All calls are recorded for educational and informational purposes.

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What Makes MetaScam The Expert On This?

Frankly, for some on our team, their past isn’t the cleanest. We have members on the team who have programmed commission structures for MLMs with ghost positions, others who worked in a Ponzi Scheme, one who has set up some pretty nefarious stuff. And then, of course, we have our resident former member of the CIA and Certified Fraud Examiner with a completely unique viewpoint on the scams of the day. We hae all learned from our past. We know what to look for. We know the tricks of the trade – even the subtle ones that most people miss. Since we can confidently say, “been there, done that”, it makes us the obvious choice to impart our knowledge to the public through this podcast.

Where’s The Rest Of The Content?

There are a myriad of Anti-Scam Websites already; We’re a podcast, and intend to stay a podcast. Our content consists of our show and our show notes. Please avail yourself to the hundreds of website and resources out there for further information. If you do happen to host an anti-scamming website, and would like to exchange links, simply contact us and we’ll have a conversation.