Victor Lustig Scam Artist

#9: Victor Lustig and Com-Dash Domain Names

Join Andy and Peter as the dive into the history of Victor Lustig, a man who sold the Eiffel Tower – TWICE… and then went on to scam none other than Al Capone! The show also takes a technical look at a common domain name scam, and Andy has some emails to share.

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#7: Our Scam Bounty Round 1

Hey all! In this Episode, Peter and Andy cover some ancient scams, and jump into their first round of Scam Bounty! Remember, you can win an $20 Amazon Gift Code if the scam you submit it plausible and beats out the other submissions in creativity, and amount of money you can scam.  

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You Could Win A Free Cruise!

#6: Crowd Funding, Free Cruises, And More!

In this fantastic episode of MetaScam, Peter and Andy discuss potential Crowd Funding scams and what to be on the look out for, as well as the dreaded “Free Cruise” phone calls… and that’s just for starters! So, sit back, relax, and take some notes during Episode #6 of MetaScam!

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