A Low Level Hardware Scam

A low-level hardware scam, or rogue device scam, happens when the Con approaches the Mark and offers to send a network device for free (or a small fee) that will help the Mark out in some capacity. Usually, the Con will look for someone who is running a very small online video, podcast, stream, or […]

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Production Set To Begin Monday March 6

Things are falling into place for show production to begin Monday, March 6th. If all goes according to plan, that means our first episode should be ready for publication on or before March 13th. The team has been working hard this week to put final touches on all pre-production pieces, and we’re quite confident that […]

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Countdown To Episode #1

We’re gearing up for the inaugural episode of MetaScam. Our vision is a simple one: To talk to potential online scammers, highlight and share key points in the discussion with our audience, and educate the public in the process. We’re not lawyers, and this isn’t legal advice. We’re merely concerned with what we’ve seen and […]

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